How To Clean Solar Panels?

Aqua Solar Cleaners is one of the best solar panel cleaning companies in California. We offer professional services for commercial and residential complexes for a long time. Our company takes pride in our ability to clean solar panels with the latest and most effective automatic solar panel cleaning system.

Solar panel cleaning is a process that must be carried out periodically to maintain the efficiency of solar arrays. Although some homeowners may attempt to clean their solar panels on their own, it is advisable to hire a professional solar panel cleaning service.

Besides, ensuring that the panels are cleaned properly, hiring a professional service can also help to prolong the life of the panels.

How Does Aqua Solar Cleaners Clean Solar Panels?

Aqua Solar Cleaners uses the most advanced technology available in the industry today. We use the best solar panel cleaning equipment that cleans the panels on your roof with safe and green cleaning methods and leaves them looking like new again!

  • Our professionals use the best cleaning solution for solar panels that is safe for you, your family, pets, and plants!
  • Our solar panel cleaning brush and pole are specially designed to reach all parts of the solar panel even the most difficult-to-reach areas.
  • With our regular visits, we will ensure that your solar panel system is constantly operating at peak performance.
  • Our premium solar panel cleaning supplies remove dirt and dust from the solar panels, leaving no marks or streaks on the glass of the panel.
  • So, you should not worry about unsightly marks or stains on your glass.

How Often Do Solar Panels Need Cleaning?

Now, you may wonder how often your solar panels should be cleaned. This is a good question as cleaning your solar panels can help improve their efficiency. There are an array of factors that decide how often these should be cleaned, including:

  • The location of your solar array.
  • The types of plants and trees you have nearby.
  • If you live in an area with a lot of birds.
  • The amount of dust in the air.
  • How much sunlight do they receive?
  • Snow accumulation during winter, and many more.

Also, if you live in:

  1. The dusty area, then your solar panels should be cleaned once every six months.
  2. The parched and hot region, then the solar panels should be cleaned every three months, and
  3. In a tropical region that is humid with light rainfall and dust storms, then the solar panels should be cleaned once every year.

Why You Should Hire Aqua Solar Cleaners for Cleaning Your Solar Panels?

Cleaning solar panels is an essential part of keeping them in the best possible shape. Solar panels are designed to capture sunlight and convert it into energy. The more energy a solar panel produces, the more it helps you save on your monthly electric bill.

  • Being a professional company, Aqua Solar Cleaners has the right solar panel cleaning solution, tools, and experience to get this job done perfectly.
  • Our technicians have been fully trained in all aspects of health and safety and are fully insured for peace of mind.
  • We use the best solar panel cleaning brush, so we can clean panels with ease and safety.
  • Our company offers the best deals and discounts to our clients.

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