Why Solar Panel Needs To Be Cleaned?

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Solar energy is becoming more and more popular and for good reason. Not only is it good for the environment, but it can also save you money on your electricity. This form of energy doesn’t create any harmful emissions, unlike traditional forms of energy production such as coal and natural gas.

In addition, solar energy is a great way to save money on your electricity bills. Over the lifetime of a solar panel system, you can save thousands of dollars on your energy costs.

Now, you might think, “Do solar panels need to be cleaned?” YES, they do!

Let’s learn more about the reasons why do solar panels need cleaning. Some of these include:

Dust and Dirt Accumulation

Dirt, dust, pollen, and other grime can accumulate on your solar panels. This “dirtiness” can cause up to a 25% drop in power output. That’s a lot! A dirty panel will also reflect less sunlight, meaning that it will take longer for the panel to get up to temperature and start generating power.The dirtier your panels get, the less electricity they will produce.
Thus, you must keep your panels clear of debris so that you can maximize the amount of energy that is being produced from your solar array.

Bird Droppings

Bird droppings are very acidic, and if not cleaned off right away, they can etch the glass or cause permanent staining. Besides being bad for your solar panels, bird droppings can also be unhealthy for your family.

A Dirty Panel is More Susceptible to Damage from Rain

In some regions and climates, rain can increase the amount of dirt on your panels because of the tendency of rainwater to pick up dirt, pollution, and other particulates as it falls through the atmosphere.

Water droplets can attract dust particles and magnify the intensity of sunlight falling on a small area. It causes the temperature to rise sharply, resulting in premature aging, cracking, and degradation of the panels.

Mineral Deposits

Mineral deposits on your solar panels can cause issues with heat dissipation and eventually lead to discolored glass. Cleaning these mineral deposits off your panel will allow the glass to dissipate heat properly and keep your system working at optimal levels for years to come.

Improve Efficiency

As solar panels are exposed to sunlight, they accumulate dust and dirt, and some other substances that reduce the amount of sunlight that reaches them. Thus, it reduces their efficiency.

There is a simple way to improve their efficiency: clean them regularly. Regular cleaning will get rid of the dust and dirt and keep your solar panels efficient. You may hire professionals for this purpose.

So now, you would like to know how often do solar panels need to be cleaned?

Solar panels should be cleaned regularly to maintain their output levels. How often this needs to be done depends on the climate and the amount of dust and dirt in the area. However, they should be cleaned every few months.

  • In dusty, dry climates, you should get them cleaned by professionals every two to four weeks.
  • In humid environments, they should be cleaned every week.

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