Solar Panel and Skylight Cleaning Plans and Offers!

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Aqua Solar Cleaners is a dedicated company specializing in Solar Panel Cleaning and Skylight Cleaning. We offer the best solar panel cleaning costs to our clients based in California.

Our company has years of experience, and we have served many satisfied customers across the area. We ensure our customers will get excellent services at the most affordable solar panel cleaning prices.

Solar panel cleaning is very important as it keeps your panels free from dirt, dust, and debris, allowing them to produce more electricity than ever before. Aqua Solar Panel offers a wide variety of solar panel cleaning plans and great deals for its customers.

Now, you would like to know how much does solar panel cleaning cost, if you hire us.

  • We do not charge an hourly rate for our services, instead, we charge per panel basis.
  • Thus, it is easier for you to calculate the solar panel cleaning cost because you can easily count the number of panels you have at home or office and make payment accordingly.


If you sets up 2 annual cleanings then you will get 10% off on each cleaning.

Our Terrific Solar Panel Cleaning Offers and Costs

  • Our First-Time Visitors will get their first 22 panels cleaned at a flat rate of $250. After that, we will charge $10 for each solar panel cleaning.
  • You can also grab a wonderful offer of $50off as the “Spring Cleaning Special“.
  • If you Subscribe to Our Newsletter, you will get 15% off on your First Cleaning.
  • If you Book Our Solar Panel Cleaning Services 2 Times Per Year, you will get 10% off on your total residential or commercial solar panel cleaning cost.

Note: Our minimum solar panel cleaning service cost is $250, which covers up to 22 panels. We don’t provide cleaning services for 5 panels at $50!

Skylight Cleaning Offers and Costs

  • Aqua Solar Cleaners charges $10 per skylight cleaning service.
  • You will get 10% off on each cleaning if you book 2 annual cleanings with us.
  • If you wish to get solar panel cleaning services along with skylight cleaning, then the cost per skylight is $10.

We have been in this business for many years and have never failed to impress our clients with our exceptional workmanship and dedication. When it comes to providing the best solar panel cleaning service, no one can beat us.

If you have any queries regarding the cost of cleaning solar panels, get in touch with us. We will be happy to serve you!

Over 22 Panels
  • Our minimum is $250 and that covers up to 22 solar panels and/or skylights. Each additional panel or skylight is $10.

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