Sky Light Cleaning

Sky Light Cleaning

Keep Your Skylights Clean with Aqua Solar Cleaners!

You know you need to clean your skylights, but you don’t have time. Let Aqua Solar Cleaners do the job for you at a very low cost, and we promise it will be done right.

We have been offering unmatched skylight cleaning services to our clients for many years and have a proven track record of providing top-notch services to our clients. Our professionals are trained to clean all types of skylights.

Skylight cleaning provides a new shine to your skylight. Choose us when you need a sparkling and dirt-free skylight.

What is Skylight Cleaning?

Skylight cleaning is the process of cleaning glass surfaces on the roof to remove dust, debris, dirt, leaves, and more. Skylights are a great way to bring natural sunlight into your home, but they can become gunky over time and lose their clarity.

Skylight cleaning is necessary because even though skylights are made of durable glass or plastic materials that resist heat, cold, storms, and even fire, they still need regular cleaning if you want them to last longer.

When left uncleaned for a prolonged period, dust and dirt from your surroundings build up on the frame that holds the panes of glass together and on the sealant around the frame’s perimeter. This takes its toll on any surface it touches—the dirt will eventually scratch your skylights’ surface or leave dark areas that can be unsightly.

Aqua Solar Cleaners Offers 3 Types of Skylight Cleaning!

Our professionals at Aqua Solar Cleaners are skilled in cleaning Plastic, Velux, and Cloudy skylights without fail.

Plastic Skylights

Our expert cleaners first remove debris from your plastic skylight with a brush and then they clean the surface with water. They also scrub the surface of plastic skylights with a soft brush to remove any blemishes on the surface. We use only eco-friendly products for cleaning and we never use abrasive chemicals that can damage the surface.

Velux Skylights

The delicate glass surface of Velux skylights requires special attention for cleaning. Our experts use special tools for wiping out dust and dirt from the edges of these skylights without damaging or scratching the glass pane.

Cloudy Skylights

Rotting seals are the primary cause of cloudy skylights. Aqua Solar Cleaners can help you get rid of cloudy skylights with our specialized cleaning services. Our technicians will evaluate the problem before taking any further steps to clean your skylight.

How Do We Clean Skylights?

Aqua Solar Cleaners offers professional skylight cleaning services for property owners in California. When you engage our services, you shouldn’t be worried about the safety of your skylights, it is our job and believe us the final results will make you happy.

We have a team of competent and certified technicians who have comprehensive knowledge about how to clean skylights effectively.

  • While cleaning skylights on the roof, we ensure that no dust particle or spot remains uncleaned.
  • Our professionals use specially designed tools for cleaning the skylights safely standing over the floor or roof.
  • We remove all debris and clean the corners of the frame thoroughly with soft towels and special cleaning agents to avoid scratches and stains on the glass surface.
  • For complete customer satisfaction, we offer different packages depending on your budget and requirements.

Tools We Use to Clean Skylights

solar panel cleaning tools

Aqua Solar Cleaners uses a variety of skylight cleaning tools and methods to clean your property’s skylight. Our goal is to clean your skylight without leaving behind streaks or scratches.

We also use environmentally friendly equipment and products, including skylight cleaning poles, skylight cleaning brushes, and more. We value our environment just as much as you do!

Our Skylight Cleaning Packages

Aqua Solar Cleaners understands that skylight cleaning is a tedious and difficult task. But we are here to help!

Aqua Solar Cleaners is an expert in skylight cleaning and know how to clean skylights on the roof safely and efficiently. We offer fast, reliable service, and competitive pricing. You will be amazed by the end result: beautiful and clean skylights, free from dirt and debris which could affect their functionality and appearance.

Our cost-effective charges for sky light cleaning services include:

  • $10 per skylight cleaning.
  • 10% off on 2 annual cleanings, and
  • If you want both solar panel cleaning and skylight cleaning services, then you will be charged $10 per skylight.

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