This Christmas, Save Your Electricity Bill By Maximizing Your Solar Panel’s Performance

Christmas offer for solar panel cleaning services

As we know during Christmas, we use lots of decorative lights to make our home shine, looks beautiful, and have fun. However, have you ever thought of downside like, how much electricity is consumed? How much your expenses of electricity bill increases this month? Don’t worry, “Aqua solar cleaners” company has a perfect solution for you that will overcome your electricity bill problem. Rather than spending on electricity you can spend your money on distributing gifts to your loved ones. Before that, you should be aware of solar panels and their performance.

You might be having lots of questions…… What is a solar panel? How it works? Why it requires cleaning?

Solar panel is a device that collects sunlight and converts it into electric current. When sun rays hit on solar photovoltaic panels then, these panels convert the sun energy into clean solar electricity which we use to lighten our homes, businesses, and offices.

It is said that “More Sun Rays, More Electricity” and this is the fact. If solar panels will be given good care, then they can result in producing more electricity and will require less maintenance. However, sometimes solar panels don’t get that proper sun rays. It happens if these panels are not cleaned on time, fills with dust, leaves, snow, and other debris. In order to protect these panels and to keep their performance up to the mark, regular or yearly solar panel cleaning and solar panel protection installation is recommended. Whether you do it yourself or hire experts for this job.

It has been noticed that most of the property owners ignore solar panel cleaning and maintenance after their installation, for years. Even during festival seasons, we clean our homes and decorate our premises with lights. But don’t you feel that solar panel which is one of the most important parts of our home that saves our money for these festival celebrations, we miss their cleaning. We must think of it.

Above all, there are several other reasons on why these solar panels need care and protection such as; Solar panel protection from Rodent. Rodents can break solar panels that can affect you in financial loss. Most of such cases are found in Agriculture sector. In many agriculture places where electric supply might be limited or not available, solar water pumps are lifesavers. Along with these solar panel installations, care is also important because rodents are easily found in such places. Since these agriculture lands require more solar panels as compare to residential areas so, there are more possibilities of broken or damaged panels due to these rodents.

So, if you also want to increase efficiency of your solar panels and want them to protect from damage then we at Aqua solar cleaners are always ready to assist so you could enjoy day without the worry of electricity bills or any financial loss.

This Christmas, “Aqua Solar Cleaners” are giving you a chance to save big for your celebration while spending less on electricity if you book their solar panel cleaning services.

Hire Aqua Solar Cleaners For Your Panel Cleaning & Get Offers As Given Below:-

  • $10 per skylight cleaning service
  • Get 10% off on each cleaning if you book 2 annual cleanings with us
  • If you wish to get solar panel cleaning services along with skylight cleaning, then the cost per skylight is $10.
  • Pay only $250 for 22 panels on your first schedule

We recommend that you have your solar panels cleaned professionally once to twice a year; our team at Aqua solar cleaners delivers comprehensive, quality care that will maximize the energy output of your solar panels. Don’t miss a chance and give us a call or book an online appointment with us today!

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